The Kids Aboard Academic Boat Building Workshop is a very effective hands on project that instructs youth from ages 6 -17 years old with any learning style. From gifted and talented to physically and/or mentally challenged, this project has been successful in inspiring achievement, high esteem and positive team building in most students we have worked with from all types of educational groups, as well summer camps, scouts, and youth centers.


This hands-on activity of building a boat is an educational workshop that shows the practical applications of all the academic disciplines from math & science to writing and creative arts, including first aid and boat safety, while engaging the youth in a fun and meaningful project.

Math, science, history, art/design, writing/publishing, water safety, first aid, etc. are much more fun and interesting, and learned with much more depth, comprehension and retention when the core of the curriculum is a hands on project such as building a boat and using simple tools.

Participants also learn boat safety, and safe building practices, with close attention paid to the importance of focus and detail. Our academic boat building workshops promote camaraderie and an enthusiasm for physical, mental and social activities.


The boats can be built and painted in three days. However, to incorporate instruction and practice in academic areas and team building activities, one week is a minimum while two to four weeks is optimal. The academics and time schedules are custom fit to each groups individual needs and goals for their students/youth.



Kids Aboard workshops culminate with science and environmental projects, as well as boat handling and navigation on the water. The kids practice in-the-water boat handling through friendly racing, fishing tournaments, waterway/shore-line clean-ups, etc. using their boats that they have built and outfitted together. The workshop participants are presented with awards and trophies of achievement and recognition. The participants come away with boosted confidence and team spirit, as well as wonderful boats which they can use for a life time with the proper care.

The Kids Aboard Boat Building Workshop is one of the most fun methods for students to learn academics, and a great way to introduce families to boating and the marine industries with a rewarding project that they will remember forever.

It is one of the most effective and productive methods in the educational field, as well as being a project that has one of the longest lasting effects on a youth’s attitude, outlook and essentially their lifestyle.