What goes on at a Kids Aboard Workshop?

Children and teenagers from 6 to 17 years old build 10 ft. wooden sailing skiffs, while receiving instructions in simple building techniques, water safety, boat handling, language arts, simple math and science, team cooperation and much more during our fun workshops, which culminate with exciting races.

Click here to watch a short video (4:24 min)

Why do we conduct Workshops with Schools?
We conduct workshops at schools to teach youths the practical application of math, science, language arts and other subjects with fun, hands-on projects like building a boat. Upon completion of their seaworthy vessel, the participants are eager to launch their boats and try them out on the water. After the boats are launched, each child comes away with the excitement of a successful boating experience, and a reinforcement of their academic skills and achievements . Your sponsorship helps us accomplish these goals.

Kids Aboard Academic Boat Building Workshops have been featured in: the Journal of American Sailing, Soundings, Boat US Magazine, Boat US online, Boating Industry International, The Boating News, The Sun-Sentinel, Miami Herald, DiscoverBoating.com, Florida Today, International Yachtsman Magazine, Multihulls Magazine, Seven Seas Cruising Association Commodore’s Bulletin, South Florida Parenting, The Waterfront News, Boating on the Hudson & Beyond, The Stamford Advocate, The Captain’s Table, The Sweat Gazette, Windcheck magazine, Ocean County Observer and more!