Materials & Fees

Kids Aboard Academic Boat Building Workshop Fees

This information is provided to help with your group’s budget if you are applying for funding or a grant.

Instructional fee:

$950/week, or $200/day
(total – not per child)

Materials fee per boat:

$750 per sailboat
$450 per paddle boat.

May require travel expenses & lodging if necessary.

These costs are to be calculated according to how many weeks or days you want to have the workshop and how many boats the kids will build. The number of kids participating will determine how many boats will be built.

Example A:

A one week academic workshop with 9 participants building one paddleboat costs:

1 week x $950 instructional fee = $950
1 paddle boat materials fee = $450

To calculate the cost per participant, divide the total by the # of participants: $1400 / 9 = $156 per child for a one week workshop.

Example B:

A two week academic workshop with 15 participants building two sailboats costs:

2 weeks x $950 instructional fee = $1900
2 sailboats materials fee = $1500

To calculate the cost per participant, divide the total by the # of participants: $3400 / 15 = $227 per child for a two week workshop.

Cost Breakdown

Instructional Fee:
$950 per week, minimum five hours of instruction per day, five days per week, or $200 per day. The maximum amount of students per boat is eight. The minimum age for participants is 8 years old.

The workshop will be tailored specifically to your group’s needs, themes, unit studies, and age levels, etc. We are very flexible and experienced in accommodating to each group’s needs.

Materials Fee includes:
We provide all the instructional, safety & building tools & equipment such as hammers, electric drills, paintbrushes, buckets, hammer holders, lifejackets, anchors, rope, buckets, measuring tapes, etc.

To Take Home:
A bright Kids Aboard Boatwright t-shirt, bandanna, and painter’s cap- all for each child to take home.

Paper, art supplies, pencils, photocopies & handouts, etc.

Boat materials which include preparing and cutting the parts of the wooden boats that the kids will build:

Per boat materials list:
2 sheets of 4’x 8’x 3/8’’ exterior plywood, either A/C or B/C
5 – 2”x 4”x 8’ studs
2 – 1” x 12” x 10’ shelving board No. 2
1 – 1” x 6” x 8’ shelving board No. 2
1 – 1” x 10″ x 8’ shelving board No. 2 (if they have reduced price on 4’x 1” x 10”, buy 2!)
2 tubes of marine caulk.
1/2 lb of 4 p. flat head stainless steel ring nails or galvanized nails.
1/2 lb of 1 ½” galvanized screws
1 gallon of exterior grade white primer.
1 quart of paint thinner
1 gallon of exterior house paint (bright, flashy colors)
3M 60 grit sandpaper
2 – 4 inch boat cleats.
Cleaning materials
1 Optimist sail (optional)
Sailing rig materials (optional)